Adding Orange Juice to Cranberry Sauce

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Learn how to add orange juice to make cranberry sauce following this easy recipe in this free cooking video on making an easy cranberry sauce recipe.

Part of the Video Series: Basics for Making Cranberry Sauce
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Video Transcript

Oh, that smells good. Now we're going to make our cranberry sauce. I want you to find a heavy bottomed large pot. It doesn't have to be a stock pot but something like this. You see how deep that is? And it has a very, very heavy bottom. Heavy bottomed pots are important because they don't burn the food. If you have a thin pot and you leave it on the stove and you don?t stir it, it can burn the bottom of the food. So try to find a pot that is kind of heavy. Now you're going to add the cranberries to the pot. We've sorted through and gotten all the ones that were not so good out. And it's OK to use frozen cranberries, just let them dethaw a little bit before you put them in. So now we have our cranberries in the pot. I'm going to add the orange juice that we juiced earlier. We need some liquid, but not a lot. And the zest. Make sure you get all that zest in there. If you have clean hands just use your fingers. But make sure that you get all that zest because this is where a lot of the flavor is, is in this zest. Smell your fingers. They smell great. Now stir this up a little, and we're going to move this over to the stove.


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