Safety Tips for Deep Frying a Thanksgiving Turkey

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Learn how to deep fry a Thanksgiving turkey safely and carefully from our expert in this free cooking video on how to deep fry a Thanksgiving turkey.

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Hi, we are outside now and I have put on my apron. Now safety is part of the needy greedy. First I want to talk to you about location on where you are going to be doing your deep frying. As you can see here we picked a grassy area of the garden and you can do this on a concrete surface or on muddy area. It should be a firm level surface. If you live in a apartment building this is nice, you can do on your balcony. You can see oil would be flying out of here and can be spraying and that is why you don't want to do it on a wooden deck. Cause if the oil happens to get down here and hit the flame below it is going to start a fire. The oil will burn and the deck would burn. It happens every year to people who are in caution. I don't want that to happen to you. So like I said you want to have a grassy area. Also if you are doing this at Thanksgiving there might be people playing sports in the backyard while you do this here. Wrong, okay it has to be in a quiet area where there is nothing going on; no activity except this. Keep the kids away, keep the pets away, it is just three gallons of boiling three-hundred and fifty degree oil. It is just dangerous. If something happens it just takes the fun out of the holiday you know to run down to the emergency room. It is just not the way the holiday should go. Okay we just talked about where you are going to be cooking this. Let's talk about what you are going to wear cause there is oil that is going to be flying around and safety is so key. So as you can see I have my coat, you want to put on long sleeves. Preferably a hundred percent cotton. Polyester will melt and stick to your skin at three-hundred fifty degrees. So a hundred percent cotton is safer. Also you have to have safety goggles that is right, your eyes are precious. This stuff it may not be beautiful, I might look historical okay but I'm going to be safe. Another thing too is the hands we want to cover the whole hand with this. Now you can use if you have oven mitts these are great or you may have some yard gloves that are leather. They have to be leather gloves that would be strong enough. I know this is what you look like when you are frying a turkey. Okay take a picture. Alright keep clicking.


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