How to Cut Apples

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Learn how to cut apples with expert tips on preparing fruit in this free cooking video series on cutting fruit.

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Video Transcript

What can be easier than pie? The best kind of pie I like to make is apple pie. So I'm going to show you some tips on cutting my favorite green apples, which make a great pie or a great fruit salad. First I'm going to prepare a bath of cold water and some fresh squeezed lemon juice which I reserved, about a quarter cup or so. And next I'm going to take an apple and a very sharp chef's knife and I'm going to cut the end off of an apple so I can work with it a little easier so it's not rolling around. Then I'm going to take my knife and I'm going to use my finger to just kind of gauge where the seed core is going to be. And I'm going to just go to the outside of that making a nice clean cut that doesn't have any seeds in it. I'm going to repeat that action on the other side and then what's left are the skinnier sides that you can just put on it's side and cut. Put all my reserves in my mulching bin. I'm going to take the pieces of the apples and I'm going to make consistent cuts. Which as a caterer, I love to make consistent cuts, so everything looks the same. Using my finger again as a gauge, I'm going to make about a finger or so, a finger nails widths distance to make consistent, thin cuts, which make a beautiful apple tart or a really pretty fruit salad. For the ends of the bigger chunks of the apple, well those are good for snacking. No food gets wasted in my house. Okay? After I've sliced all these beautiful pieces of apple, I'm going to put them in the lemon bath and that saves them from browning. I'm going to do that fairly quickly as I cut each section. That way my apples will stay pretty and green longer. There you go. Easy as pie.


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