How to Make a Chai Latte

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Learn how to make a chai latte at home from our expert in this free drink recipe video on making gourmet tee and coffee.

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Video Transcript

Now we are going to learn how to make Chai Latte from scratch. A lot of places will actually use syrups for their Chai Lattes but I like to make it from loose leaf tea because it will taste fuller and much more fresher than just using the syrup. The first thing we want to do is to steep the tea in the pot. We are going to use one tea scoop and I am going to measure out 3 scoops of Chai. Depending on how much you are making, but I am making for actually several drinks, you might want to adjust the amount. Next thing I am going to add to this, is sugar. It is going to be the same amount of sugar as Chai. So 3 scoops of sugar. Why you put sugar is because it is really going to draw out the flavor of the Chai. So it is really an essential part of the drink. Then we want to add hot water to this. So I am just going to fill this us with hot water. There we go. Then we are just going to give it a little stir. Really blend the sugar and the Chai with the water. Then we are going to have it steep for about 10 minutes. So it is going to be a really strong blend but not become too bitter. Now to save time, I have already steeped some Chai and put into this pitcher and kept it in the fridge. So you can actually keep this up to one or two days. So what we want actually to do is pour it half way through the cup so it has a strong flavor to it. We are actually going to use steam one to heat this up because it is cold right now. One important thing to do is not to let too much air into the Chai when you are steeping it because it is going to become too bubbly. So you might want to put it half steamed because it is water based and is going to act a little different from milk. Make sure you really clean the steam one so you don't taint your other drinks with Chai. Just going to place this here while we steam our milk. I am just going to steam the milk just as I was steaming for a Latte. We don't want it too foamy. Just want to heat up the milk. We are done steaming our milk. Next thing I am going to do is add cinnamon to the Chai. That is because, just like the sugar, it is going to add to the flavor. I am going to use a little stirring stick or you can also use a spoon. Blend the cinnamon carefully into the top of the Chai. Just so we don't have any chunks. Then we are going to pour the milk into the Chai. Give it a little stir. And there you go. That's a really flavorful Chai Latte.


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