Leaf & Vine Designs With Icing For Decorating Cakes

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How to make leaf and vine designs with icing when decorating a cake; get expert tips on homemade cake recipes in this free baking video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Decorate a Cake
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Video Transcript

We are going to be talking about cake decorating. Our theme is going to be how to make leaves and vines, so come on over to my table, and I will show you how. We want to put the icing in our parchment bag. This is another type of bag that is a little bit different from the cloth decorator’s bag, but you can actually make these out of a parchment paper or a wax paper. So I am going to load the icing into my parchment bag and then we are going to start on our vine pattern first, and once we get the vine done, then we will work on the leaf. Now if you note here, I am using a plate to do my decorating today, and that is a good place to practice. Use a plate because if you use a cake and you mess up something or you don’t like it, you really don’t have the flexibility to change it, but if you go ahead and use a plate if you make a mistake, you can wash it off, start all over again without a problem. So let’s get my icing quite down to the end. As you can see, it is beginning to come up. When you begin to make a vine, what you want to do is think of a pattern. The basic pattern is an S, and note I am using my spinner here; it is always good to have a spinner. So I am going to just prop my icing, start off with an S, little scroll pattern there and then I am going to put a few little branches off from this. Just a few and that is basically my vine. So once we get the vine done then we need to switch to the leaf tip, so I am taking off my writing tip, and I am going to move over here and get my leaf tip. You put the leaf tip again onto the decorator’s bag, and screw your tip on. Now the procedure with the leaf is that you want to apply pressure. You want to push down, pump and pull out. Push down, pump and pull out. Push down, pump and pull out. Push down, pump and pull out. Push down, pump and pull out. Push down, pump and pull out. And that is basically your leaf and your vine pattern. I hope you got the opportunity to learn something new today, and I would encourage you to continue on with some of our other segments and learn some other new things about cake decorating.


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