Cooking Sweet Potatoes for Sweet Potato Pie

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Learn how to cook sweet potatoes for sweet potato pie with expert baking tips in this free holiday food recipe video clip.

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Video Transcript

Now that our pie crust is ready it's time for peeling the sweet potatoes. Now we are going to cook these first in order to get to a nice mashable consistency. You do not ever want to use raw potatoes when making a sweet potato pie. How are we going to cook them? As we are just going to stick them in the microwave so before we get them in the microwave we are going to score the skin. This is to make sure that they don't explode because all of that steam from heating them is going to want to expand some where and we want to make sure there is a release valve. So we are going to score these before we put them into the microwave and we are just going to put them in the microwave it will probably take less than ten minutes to cook these. We are going to put them in for about six minutes to start then we are going to check to see what they are like. When they are ready you'll know because you'll be able to stick a fork into it not by jabbing it really hard but it will be to hot to touch still but you want to be able to feel how soft they are. They are going to be a little bit softer than cooked white potatoes which you would describe as fork tender. So if you ever had a baked sweet potato before that is the consistency that you want so let's stick these in the microwave and I'll show you what it's like when it's done. As you can see after being microwaved this is nice and soft fleshy interior you want to be careful because these are going to be very hot coming out of the microwave. You are going to let the potatoes cool down for a few minutes so that they are easier to touch and handle before we go on to the next step.


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