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Discover tips for removing pumpkin bread from the pans with expert baking tips in this free online video recipe clip.

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Video Transcript

Now that our pumpkin bread loaves has been cooling for a little bit, it's time to take them out of the pan. You want to take them out before they cool completely because then they'll stick again so there's a window of opportunity between when they started cooling in the pans before they come out. Before they start sticking again so if you properly greased your pan they should pop out without any problems at all and then you are going to let them finish cooling on a rack. This will also ensure that the sides bottom don't get too sticky which can happen if they are still in the pan. You also don't ever want to cut anything while it's in the pan because you're going to scrape up the bottom of your pan which is particularly a problem if it's nonstick. If you have one that doesn't quite want to come out, you can take a table knife with a nice rounded edge, something that isn't too hard. You are going to run it along the edge of the bread this will kind of pull away a little bit. You can also use a silicon spatula but you want to get something that is very thin. Then it should pop out without any problems and we are going to let them cool completely before you do anything else with them. You can start eating them however when they are still a little bit warm. You don't want to cut them when they are really hot. Because then they will crumble but once they firmed up a little bit from cooling, then it's okay to start eating them.


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