Edible Vegetable Arrangement: Making Turnip Flowers

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Turn your ordinary turnips into flowers! Learn how to make turnip flowers for a vegetable arrangement in this free video clip about party appetizer platters.

Part of the Video Series: Making Edible Vegetable Arrangements
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Video Transcript

Okay, lets make some flowers. We are going to start with a wooden skewer. And we are going to choose a rather large carrot and kind of twist the skewer in to the center of the carrot. Place it around there, about 2 to 3 inches down. Now we want to choose our petals. I am going to use some of this nice giant radish. And if you choose, you can choose like five petals for a basic flower. One, two, three, four, five. And if they are graduating in size, which the usually do because of the roundness of the vegetable, you will have bigger ones and smaller ones. You want to put them in order from larger to smaller. And then these are nicely shaped, so we don't need to shape these at all. And all you need to do is put a little slice about an inch or 1/2 inch depending upon the petal and how it works. You will play with it and you will see. Put about an inch slice in to the petal like this for each flower petal. One little slice. And the starting with the largest petal, you want to take the two flaps on either side of that slice and fold it over like this. It gives the petal, oops, it gives the petal a roundness. And then you want to put your skewer through the center of those two overlapping flaps. And if you twist it, it helps prevent the petal from cracking and breaking. Now it isn't unusual for the vegetable because it is firm to crack or break. And sometimes you will have to just throw one out and grab a new one. Now you keep going like this so make this little cup that looks like a petal. And this one, again, you are going to go through the center, twist that skewer. It almost screws it in there a little, like a drill. And place this one opposite the first. Now continue with the next petal, folding it over and coming through with the skewer. I will show you on this side. Coming through the center of those two flaps. Now place this one in between the two that are facing each other. And our fourth one, again through the center and push that down. You see it is starting to look like a rose. An the last one, you may want to really roll up tight. You can even remove a little bit of vegetable there so that you can pull this tight. It makes it much more cup and that is nice to put for the middle. Okay. Now at this point, if you want to push the flower up so you don't have so much skewer, you can grasp the skewer tightly and just push it up. You want to make sure that you don't push the whole flower off the skewer. And you want to finish up with a carrot in the center.


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