Slicing Pears for a Mixed Greens Salad

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How to slice pears for a gourmet mixed green salad; get professional tips and advice from an expert chef on making some unique, fresh salads in this free cooking video.

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The next step what we're going to be doing today is first we're going to start with our fresh bosc pears. These are my favorite, real super sweet, really nice, and I just grew up on these, you know. Everyone grows up on a certain type of pear, you have bartletts, you have boscs, boscs were my favorite. So I'm actually just going to shave these down, kind of get all that skin off, peel that away. Now whenever picking out pears, my mom always taught me, go for the soft, go for the ones that look the worse because those are the ones that have the more fruity flavor to them. And the bosc pears are one of my favorites. So, I'm just going to scrape and get all this off, and clean it down, kind of get this out of the way. So from here, our next step. We're just going to get all of this outer perimeter of this pear off, just kind of scrape off that skin. Let me just tell you, cutting through this, oh my goodness, there is nothing, and you know what, I'm going to send this out to you Judy, prickly pear martinis! Remember those? So this is what inspired me to put pears into my salad. So, and you could always use poached pears, Gorgonzola cheese, a little bit of a pear puree vinaigrette, that always works as well. So we've cleaned our greens, we've scored our pear, going to get this stuff out of the way right here, get this all out the way. This is starting to get good up in here! Getting excited! Getting excited! Get this all out the way. The best thing about any chef is knowing the ability to keep your sink clean, have your ingredients chopped, and everything just laid be out, makes it work so well. So as you could see I've done today, scored our pear. We're getting ready to go on to our next step, let's do it.


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