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Remove tensioning device first when removing tire chains. Learn more about removing snow tire chains in this free winter weather driving video from a master mechanic.

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Ok. To remove the chains, you don't know what position their going to stop in. Basically, what you need to do first is just remove your tensioning device. And, I don't know if I brought this to your attention. But, if you've got bungee cords you can just star pattern back and forth and use a couple bungee cords or any good elastic device. If you should have a failure of one of your tensioners or something of that nature works real good in keeping the tension applied. You can also use taper rope or something in a bad situation or in an emergency. It's good to stay prepared and have a couple of extra bungee cords with you in case in case of breakage. But, the main thing is keeping those chains tight. After you've got the tensioner off, just release the outer leg. Kind of loosen everything up a little bit, slide it around. And, that way you can get to the back. Depending on where the chains at, you might be able to just kind of slide it around with it loose. And, rotate it up near the top so you can get it a little easier and you don't have to slide down and get in the snow. It just depends on where it stops at. You're kind of at that point, if you get out and can take a quick look and see where they're at and maybe roll forward a little bit. Before you take them off, you might be in the position to change in a more favorable location for easier removal. And, of course it's always more difficult out in the environment where you're going to be dealing. Ok. And, then just unhook the back one and you just want to drape it out. You want to keep them laid out. You don't want to get them tangled up. And, at this point and time if you've got nice garbage bag available. If you just kind of roll the chains up and slide them into a garbage bag. A couple of garbage bags work a little better. Because, they can have some sharp or some of the stainless steel bradding can be frayed a little bit. And, it's easy to rip a bag. But, you'll want to keep those in a bag or something to protect them before you put them back in your car. Because, they'll just get your car all dirty and nasty. They're going to be covered with snow and ice and other undesirable items. And, then when you get them home just lay them back out. And, take a garden hose or whatever and rinse them off. And, just bring them in and hang them up in a place where they can dry. You can use some air pressure, if you want to speed up the process a little bit. The stainless steel cables and everything that carries the vast majority of the load, is all stainless. It's not going to rust. And, these have an oxidizer or some type of coating on them to help inhibit the rust. So, just rinse them off with plain soap or you won't need soap. Just high pressure water will do the trick. Just clean them up real good and let them dry. And, then put them back in the case and they'll be ready for you the next time you need to use them. Ok. Thank you for watching. I hope you found this information helpful. Please just remember, drive slow and be safe. Get to your destination. Arrive alive. Thank you for watching this series. Please watch our other series in automotive related areas.


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