How to Clean Under the Hood

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The area under a car's hood can get very dirty. In this free video clip, learn how to wash and detail your car like an expert.

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Video Transcript

Hello! My name is Jason. I am talking on behalf of Now a lot of people forget about this and after you use the degreaser on the engine and you wash it, a lot of people forget about underneath the hood. Now you get this foamy material that is underneath the hood, what that does is protect your paint hood from the heat and it has a lot of dirt on it. People do not know how to clean this. So the best thing I do, the best product I use on this one is I would necessarily not put the degreaser on that because it will absorb into the cloth and it will begin to smell after a while. You know it is not a really good thing to do. How you want to get rid of that dirt is basically you get one of these all purpose cleaner; you just simply spray it on, maybe about 3 or 4 coats and you let it sit there for about a minute or two and also got a fresh smell to it, and you just basically get a high pressure water hose. Now if you do not have that, of course you could go to a carwash where they will have one. You just simply spray everywhere, you clean it and you leave the hood up for about five minutes. You let all the water drain down so you know you have it pretty dry. The last step to make it shiny is you want to get Armor All or the foam tire cleaner what I showed you. You just simply spray it on; it is going to look shiny as new.


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