What Type of Differential Fluid to Use

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Which differential fluid should you buy? Learn what type of differential fluid to use in this free car repair video from an expert auto mechanic.

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Video Transcript

In this clip, we're going to talk about the proper way to change your oil in your rear differential. In this clip, we're going to talk about fluid capacities, types of differential fluid and the appropriate way to fill up your axle after your oil change. What I have here is the typical cheap stuff right off the shelf. This is SAE 80W-90 weight. That is the viscosity weight of it right there. My vehicle calls for a 90 weight, just do to where I live at in Michigan, I got the 80W-90. Depending on your specific axle, the gear oil will vary widely. Most new body styles Dodge trucks, takes a 75W-140. What you're going to make sure is that you refer to your owner?s manual and see the exact fluid required for your vehicle and the fill capacity. I picked up one of these at the parts store today. This is a filling tube. As you can see, you don't have a lot of room to work on up here and you fill through the fill plug. This tube just screws down on the top in place of the cap. And it will make your life much, much easier when it comes to filling your axle. You're going to want to fill your axle up with it sitting on the ground on a level surface. The reason why it has to be sitting on the ground on a level surface is the fill level for it. There is no dip stick for this. The fill level for it, is dead even with the bottom of the hole your fill plug screws into. What you do is you squeeze the fluid in the appropriate amount. It's going to call for one maybe two of these jugs. Once it begins coming out of where the fill plug screws in, that is the appropriate fill level. Like I said, refer to your vehicles owners manual for the fluid capacity of your rear axle. Alright, I'm underneath my rear axle and I got the cap off my fill tube, I'm going to take and insert that into the fill plug on my axle. There we go, I'm going to squeeze it all the way in and open the valve on my filler tube. These fill tubes have an on off valve which makes them great for tight locations like on this Explorer. What I'm going to do once I have the fill tube into the fill hole is open the valve. I'm going to tip my jug up level with the ground and I'm going give it a squeeze. As you can see the oil passing through the tube, up into my rear axle. Alright, you're going to continue feeding oil into it until you see it just start to come out the bottom of the fill plug. There we go. I'm going to tip my fill tube and jug down and out of the way. I'm going to put the cap on it and make sure we don't spill any. We stay environmentally friendly and close the valve. Roll out from underneath here. Alright, that is the proper way to fill your rear axle after the service.


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