How to Depressurize a Fuel Line

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Take the pressure out of a fuel line before removing the filter. Learn how to change a fuel filter with these car maintenance instructions.

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Video Transcript

In these following clips we're going to talk about removal and replacement of the vehicle's fuel filter. In this clip we're going to talk about the final step you want to perform before you open the fuel system. On a fuel injected vehicle, it's going to carry, in the lines, approximately forty to fifty pounds of fuel pressure. If you were to just take off your clamps and remove the hose, it may spray gasoline in your face, eyes, all over your clothes. One thing you're going to want to do is in a remote location is depressurize the fuel system. Most vehicles have what they call a Schrader valve, it looks just like a valve stem for your tire. This particular vehicle does not have one. What it has is a Banjo bolt on the fuel rail. That is where we're going to depressurize the system at. This Banjo bolt is located right here as you can see its a good distance away from me and I can crack the system open at arms length. Let's take my socket and put it on there and give it a tweak. There's a small squirt of gasoline that shot out the back you can see the gasoline on my fingers. It's much better to let it shoot off over here then to have it shoot on your clothes in your face or various other locations. Depending on the particular engine and the volume of fuel that it carries, just as a precaution, I've got a nice garage floor, throw a piece of cardboard underneath it and that will catch the gasoline and keep it from staining your concrete.


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