How to Remove the Brake Line from Brake Backing

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Remove an old brake line from the brake backing during high-performance brake installation; learn how from our expert custom-car mechanic in this free auto-restoration video.

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Video Transcript

Now Mark is using a tubing wrench to remove the brake lines from the brake backing. We're going to be replacing a lot of parts in here for the brake system. A tubing wrench reaches all the way around the nut. A brake line will get stuck very often, and you'll wipe out the little nut getting the--that holds the brake line into the back of the brake cylinder, so we use a tubing wrench. It reaches further around than a regular open-end wrench, so you don't wipe out the nut quite as easily. If this were stuck, you have two options. Very often, these will rust in place and they're impossible to loosen even with a tubing wrench, you just wipe out the nut and in that event, you have two options in my opinion. One is to simply cut the steel brake line and replace it. The other is to heat it up. Heating it up to loosen the nut works very well, but it's very dangerous because the brake fluid expands when you heat it up and you can blow up a steel or a rubber brake line when you use a torch to heat up the nut. If you're going to use a torch to heat up the nut, you have to find somewhere else in the brake system to loosen it up or you'll end up with an explosion, you'll blow up a cylinder, you'll blow up a line or a hose somewhere. And you have to find some place pretty close to your repair area to loosen it up. I've loosened them up. If I'm doing a backing plate and I loosen it up at the front master cylinder, I've had them blow up at the back of the car. You can retain enough pressure.


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