Ford Explorer & Mercury Mountaineer: Removing Stereo Bessel Cover

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The stereo Bessel cover is a dashboard component that should be removed before attempting to fix your car's heater core. Learn to remove the Bessel cover from a certified mechanic in this free automotive video.

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Video Transcript

Here we're demonstrating how to change a heater core on a late model Ford Explorer or Mercury Mountaineer. In this step, we're going to talk about the proper service procedure for removing your stereo Bessel cover. Now most of the time it will have a combination of bolts and clips that holds it on. This particular Bessel has a bolt here, and one here. We're going to go ahead and take and remove those before we attempt disconnecting any clips. Again, be real careful with this molded plastic stuff, it's expensive, and kind of hard to come by. I'm going to go ahead and slip down and begin removing the bolts. This particular one takes a 7 millimeter, go ahead and remove that, take that one out, set it in the magnetic tray. You're going to want to put your magnetic tray right inside the vehicle with you so you can put all these fasteners in it. On the average heater core job, you may remove upwards fifty fasteners from the inside of the vehicle, you don't want to have them rolling around in your pocket, you may lose them. Once you have the bolts out, you can go ahead and take and try to wiggle out your Bessel, you may need to use a small screwdriver, however take care not to damage any of the other components, right there. Once you have the Bessel out, you can take and disconnect all of your electrical connectors you see here. I'll show you one of these connectors, it has a little release tab right here, you take and push the tab in, and then slide the connector out. Every electrical connector will have some form of retaining tab on it, as you can see this one's' right here, you've got to take it and depress it and slide it out. You'll either have to depress it or lift it up, it's one of the two. I'm going to go ahead and get them on the other side, you're just going to repeat this procedure over here for any other connectors you may have. Once you have the connectors disconnected from both the passenger and the driver side, you can take and slide the radio assembly out, and begin disconnecting it. First off we have our antenna here, we're going to take and slip out, just like so, as you can see this is how your antenna plugs in, and you just slide it out like that. Once you have the antenna unplugged, you can take and move on to the electronics of the radio. And again they have a small tab that you need to depress, just like so. And move on to all the other connectors, and for the last one, right there. You're going to want to take and set this guy in a very special location so it doesn't get bumped, stepped on or damaged during any of the other services inside the dashboard. We're going to take and set this all the way back in the back of the vehicle for later re-installation. That is the proper service procedure for removing your Bessel and radio assembly from the vehicle.


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