Ford Explorer & Mercury Mountaineer: Tools for Removing Heater Core

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Removing the heater core from a car can be difficult without the right automotive tools. Learn what tools you need with help from a certified mechanic in this free automotive video.

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Video Transcript

Here, we're demonstrating how to change a heater core on a late model Ford Explorer or Mercury Mountaineer. In this step, we're going to talk about the tools and supplies required in order to change your heater core. What I have here in front of me, is the stuff you need. I'm going to go through it for you just so you know. I have a jug of coolant, you're going to need to add some. I have my drain bucket, because we are going to drain the system. I have my air conditioning recharge valve hose and a can of refrigerant. I also have my replacement heater core. I have my magnetic tray. I have an assortment of colored devices inside there as you can see them. Those are air conditioning line quick disconnect tools. We'll get into how to use them here in a moment. I have a set of channel locks for removing permanent tension spring loaded hose clamps. I have some bungee straps. You may or may not need these to hold your instrument panel out of the way. I have my service manual. This isn't something that I require. However, if you're taking on the job by yourself you are going to want to have this. It will have a couple of tips and tricks that will apply to your specific vehicle. I have my standard and metric socket set. You're going to want to make sure you have a good quarter inch section. You're going to be doing a lot of work inside the dash up in some tight locations. And, the smaller ratchets like this one here. I'll give you a little comparison. That really small one is going to work a lot better than trying to use a big one. And, lastly I have a funnel. These are the tools and supplies required in order to properly change your heater core.


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