How to Setup a MIG Welder

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Learn how to properly set up a MIG welder with expert tips on welding in this free video clip.

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Hi I'm Mike Rogers and on the basic of mig welding. Lets have look in controls of the machine this element of machine along as many many similar machines just have basic power controls. You have a master power switch with phase one, phase two for maximum power, with a off position in the machine in the center. You would selected the lowest power setting for welding thinner metal. You then go to the second power control so with number one selected here. Number one selected here this is your lowest power output. The welding for this material. You then go to number one selected here, number two selected here is your second most powerful output. Go over to number two, one for the third most powerful setting and leave it on two max two gives you the most powerful output for this tough machine. The second set of controls, controls speed which the wire is forced out of the nozzle. This controls how much filled you are putting to your welding and is selected by simple twilling the dial very difficult to preselect you really have to by trial and error. The only other control to be set for the welder is the gas pressure. Which is adjusted on the gas regulator and again is best set by trial and error depending on the conditions of where you are welding if there is any wind at all. Take that to a count. But in still conditions quiet a low setting is quiet adequate for that. Finally before you could weld anything you must the ..connector to the work piece to complete the electrical circuit for the weld to function.


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