How to Assemble Front Struts

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Work struts into position and seat the coil spring. Learn how to assemble front struts on a front-wheel drive vehicle in this free car maintenance video from an automobile repairman.

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Video Transcript

In this clip we're going to talk about the proper service procedure for removing and replacing a front strut on a front wheel drive vehicle. In this step we're going to talk about the proper procedure for reassembling our strut. First thing we're going to do is take and seat our coil spring where it goes. Now this is the very last coil and it's going to line up with this notch you see here at the bottom of your strut. Flip it over and slide it down into position. You're going to want to make sure that the rubber is seated all the way around and it didn't get cupped under when you set the spring in place. From there, we're going to take and install our upper spring seat. Now if you look at it, you can see where the coil spring ends and begins. As you can see here, we got the flat spot right there. We're going to take and line that up exactly where it was on the end of the coil. Alright, once we have our upper spring seat aligned, this due to the nature of a coil spring, you can see the strut is actually protruding through at an angle even with the spring cuff on straight. What we're going to have to do is take and work our strut down into position and seat that spring properly, just like so. I'm going to be working it back and forth to get that stud to pop through straight. All right, once we have our upper spring seat situated, we're going to take and install the bearing to our bearing plate. This is what the upper portion of the wheel pivots on. You want to take care to make sure it's installed properly and seated all the way. From here, you can see the strut has a flat spot on it. That flat spot is going to line up with a corresponding flat spot on the top of the mount. Go ahead and line those up and slip it on. Right there. From here we're going to go ahead and take and start our new strut nut. Alright, you have your nut started, you can go ahead and torque it down. You want to make sure and torque it down until the bottom's out all the way, just like so. As you can see, the stud is threaded all the way through and meeting your lock nut and that is the proper way to reassemble your strut and torque the upper mount down.


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