How to Install a Wheel Assembly

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Step by step instructions on how to install a wheel assembly on your car with expert tips on tires in this free auto repair video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Replace Lug Nut Studs
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Video Transcript

Hi! My name is Nate McCullough. In this clip we are going to talk about the proper way to re-install the vehicle's wheel and tire assembly and spinning down of the vehicle's lug nuts. What we are going to do is roll tire in position. I have to stand up for this one. What I like to do is rotate the hub so there is a stud pointed at 6:00 or straight down. We will do the same thing with the vehicle's tire. I'm going to roll it up on my boot here just so that I don't have to hold it just to get it close. Once you have it seated on the studs, you can go ahead and put your boot on the bottom to hold it in place. I like to start the bottom lug nut first and from there just work my way around in a circular pattern. Notice I am only starting on a few threads. Okay once you have them all started by hand, you can go ahead and take your 4-way and spin the wheel down. There is an appropriate pattern that you are going to want to use to spin the wheel down with. We are going to do what they call a star pattern or the next furtherest pattern. All right, that is snug enough. Now what we are going to do for our star pattern or next furtherest pattern is to go from here to here; that is the next furtherest bolt away or lug nut for that matter. Go ahead and begin to spin this one down. What that does using the pattern like this is going to ensure that the wheel seats flat with the roller sandwiched between it and the hubs sandwich. Choose the right size there. The reason why I just got up and set the parking brake was so these old threads will cooperate a little better. The next one we are going to go to is the furtherest one away. I want you to notice that we are not torquing the wheel at this point. We are just running the lug nuts down snug. We are going to torque the wheel with the vehicle on ground. The next one in our pattern is over here. All passenger cars should be done in this way and you can see which stud is the new one. Right there. All right, proper way to install your vehicle's tire and the appropriate pattern for snugging the wheel down. Little note, this vehicle is not ready to be driven yet. These will have to be torqued.


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