Making Toast For Italian Bruschetta

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How to slice and season toast for Italian bruschetta; learn more about making traditional Italian food in this free cooking video.

Part of the Video Series: Catering & Preparing an Italian Meal
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Video Transcript

I like to teach you how to make a christiny toast we just finish making a gorgeous bruschetta we have to have a vehicle for it to sit on. So I like to make christiny toast from beautiful fresh bake bread of Italian if you want. I buy a nice crispy loaf and I cut it in half so I can work with it a little bit easier cause I got little hands. The secret to making beautiful and consistent cuts is to work with the bread slowly and on a angle. Put your bread on the side on a nice cutting board and you take a bread knife and you are going to make thin consistent slices of approximately about 1/8 inch of so in length just like that. Okay. So we are going to bang out a few. When you are buying loaves of bread you should think about how many guest you are going to have and know you can get about 20 slices of christiny toast out of single beget so plan accordingly. Especially if your friends are hungry like mine you might want to buy a few. Okay here is my beautiful slice bread, I like to save steps so I have a baking sheet ready here for me to line up all of my christiny toast to save me a step and I plop it nice and close to me. I have a bowl waiting with some extra virgin olive oil on it and a pastry brush. Now you can go to a fancy pastry or a restaurant supply store and buy one of these wonderful pastry brushes or you can go to your local hardware store for about 89 cents and you can use that it works just don't use it for painting. Just keep it separate and make sure you wash it with lots of hot soapy water, you can even use it in the dish washer if you want to and let it air dry completely before you store it so it doesn't get moldy. As you can see here I'm being very generous with my olive oil and I'm going to let is soak into the bread just on side is plenty. And there we go ready to go for the next step all together and consistent and I could move it right over to the grill. Why don't you join me?


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