Bosu Ball Balance Exercises

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Standing on a bosu ball can help you improve your balance and tone and strengthen your core. Learn more in this free fitness and strength training video lesson.

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Video Transcript

ALICE MONSAERT: The first exercise I'm going to demonstrate on the bosu is just a balance, just a balanced position. So, I feel very balanced standing on two feet on the floor but I'm going to move it to this rounded dome and it's going to add some proprioceptive and kinesthetic awareness that my body's going to have to kick in when I step on the bosu. So if you have a bosu at home, you want to just step to the center with one foot and then with the other foot. And you can see I'm already balance challenged. Just to stand here might be all you need to do for your first set of exercises. One thing you can do once you get on the ball, if you take your eye out of the picture and close your eyes, you've got to add more kinesthetic awareness to where your body is because it takes the visual out. So that's one drill you could do to challenge your balance. The other thing that you can do while on the bosu is just gently turn to look from side to side so your focus changes and what happens is the core has to kick in, the glutes, the hamstrings, the quads and the feet are really working hard. Some people say when they are work on the bosu that they get cramps on their feet so just simply step off the bosu, do what you can. A lot of people will say, "Well I don't have any balance." Well, that's why we should be working on a bosu because if we always work with two feet on the floor, we're not challenging our balance at all. We can take the exercises we're familiar with, step on top, add this balance challenge, and we'll be good to go.


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