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Learn tips on how to care for and maintain your fax machine for your office or business in this free business tools video on how to use a fax machine.

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Video Transcript

Today we’re going to talk a little bit about maintaining your fax machine and keeping it clean. These are two very important features when you own a fax machine, all fax machines have a scanner portion of the machine and a copy portion of the machine inside in which the copies are made. First we’ll go over maintenance of the scanner, if you open this up and these are always available to be opened so you can get to the paper if it jams of your documents, now there’s always a little slit glass in here which the paper scans by. The most common service call I get is that there’s become some foreign object has gotten on her and it’s causing lines, if you have lines on your copies and your outgoing faxes this little glass needs to be cleaned, just open this up, get a soft cloth with a little Windex or Kleenex on it or alcohol and just wipe it real good. A lot of times someone will put a document in here with whiteout on it, that whiteout will get on the glass and will cause a big black streak on all the copies sometimes you have to actually scrape that off with your fingernail but be careful don’t put any metal objects in here. You can also clean the rubber feed tires in here with a little alcohol that will help wipe the toner off and keep the machine operating well, that’s basically it for the scanner portion. As far as the interior portion of a laser fax what I normally recommend for my customers is whenever they change the media, the cartridge to go ahead and get a little can of air and just spray in there, a lot of times it’ll be a little toner or dust in there go ahead and spray it out, make sure that there are no foreign objects in there staples, paper clips, anything like that and then go ahead and place your new cartridge in and you’re good to go. Basically that’s it on the maintenance for laser faxes, very simple anyone can do it.


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