How to Edit HTML in Google Documents

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Editing HTML in Google documents is easy with these tips, get expert advice on business software and the internet in this free video.

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Video Transcript

DREW NOAH: So, the very last tab up here among all my tabs is the Revisions. And this is a really cool feature of Google Docs and what it is, is I can basically go back to older versions of my document in case--say, I've been writing--I've been editing for about 30 minutes and I realize I'm just not doing what--exactly what I want to do, I can revert back to this revision and you can see I'm back on my--inserting an image which I showed you earlier. And then when I--if I've realized this isn't quite the place I want to be, I can select Older and Newer right here to see my changes. And you can see now there's a comment there 'cause I added a comment, though later. And then you can see a table that I added if I keep going. That other table, I showed you how to add. So, this is really cool and it might really save you if you realize and for some reason you did need to go back. And if I did find the one that I really want to go back to, I could pick Revert to this one, where I could go back to my revision history right here and just see everything again. And they also have this option down here, the Compare Checked. So, let's click Revision 47 or Revision 52 and Compare Checked. And then you can see it highlights some of the different--what is different between the versions. So, that's how the Revisions work in Google Docs and how you can revert back to older versions of your document. And the very last thing is this Edit HTML and just like I said, you can actually go in and edit the HTML and if you know how to do this, go for it but if you don't, you probably don't ever want to mess with that option which is why it doesn't even really look like a tab; it's just real small. But mostly, I just want to show you how the Revisions work. So, that's how to go back to an older version using the Revisions tab in Google Documents.


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