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Inserting bookmarks in Google documents is easy with these tips, get expert advice on business software and the internet in this free video.

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Video Transcript

DREW NOAH: Now, I'm going to show how to insert a bookmark into a Google document and you can think of a bookmark as basically a link to another part of your document. So, the easiest way to explain that would be--so if had like a table of contents and a link to all my chapters, I could make these bookmarks--actually, I would make the chapter itself a bookmark and then I could hyperlink this through the bookmark. So, in my table of contents, I could skip to anywhere in the document basically. So, let me show you how that works. So first, I'll go to the "Insert" and then here's the bookmark function. So, what I want to do is highlight where I want the bookmark to go to. And in this case, the bookmark is going to be the Chapter 1. So, I'll hit "bookmark" and then it says, "New Bookmark*" Chapter_1 and I'll just go ahead and go down here and insert it. But let me just do that for chapters 2 and 3 so I can show you exactly what it's going to do. Insert Chapter 2, then insert Chapter 3 and you can see the other one's right here and just real quick, if I want to remove a bookmark, I would go to this bookmark section right here and I can click "Remove," but I'm going to go ahead and insert my Chapter 3 bookmark. So, now I want to link my table of contents at the beginning of my document to all those bookmarks I've just set. So, I would just highlight and then I want to hyperlink which is right here and it's also in the "Insert" bar. So, then you'll get--the hyperlink will pop up like I showed you earlier. And this--what I didn't show you was how to bookmark 'cause we haven't gone through it yet but now, if I select Bookmark, the bookmark drop down appears and I can select where I want it to go to; Chapter_1. And then I can select the text, word to display. By default, it's showing what the highlighted and then I could choose a flyover; so I'll insert the link. Now, you can see my table of contents, Chapter 1 has turned into a hyperlink. And we just quickly hyperlink chapters 2, and you can see I went to the hyperlink in the toolbars and made it a little bit easier, and then Chapter 3. I could also right click and insert link and also Ctrl-K and probably Command-K on Macs. So, now, I've got them all linked to my bookmarks and to show you how it works, I'll just go to the preview section and if I skip to Chapter 3, you can see it moved the document down to more around Chapter 3. And the longer your document gets, the more helpful using these bookmarks would be. So, think about that. It's basically like an anchor in you document, a specific place and you can link to it from anywhere else. So, if there was a reference in Chapter 1 to Chapter 3, you could also link to that. So, that's how you insert a bookmark into a Google document.


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