How to Edit the Toolbar in Google Documents

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Editing the toolbar in Google documents is easy with these tips, get expert advice on business software and the internet in this free video.

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Video Transcript

DREW NOAH: So now, I'm going to start showing you how to actually just use the different documents in Google Docs which are document, spreadsheet and presentation. So, I'll start with the document. To create a new one, I'm just going to go to the "New" drop down menu and click "Document," and it opens up in a new window or tab depending on your web browser. And then here it is. Here is what the document looks like and again, this is just pretty much like a Word document. So, you can start typing. Okay. And first, you probably want to save it and you can do that from "File", "Save" or "Save" up here. And actually, Google will also automatically starts saving after a while and apply this right here as the title but we just go ahead and save it, and you can see it that there it went and actually just automatically saved it. I knew it's saved because this is the title right here, and if I want to rename it later, I already showed you how to rename it and I can also just click right here to rename it. But if you just want to automatically save when you first start, again go to File", "Save" or "Save" up here. Now, I'm going to talk about the edit toolbar. And it kinda looks like a little tab like this, it's by default what comes out first. And then you've got--you're pretty much the same stuff you have on any like Word processor program. Here's the "Undo" and the "Redo" last edit, little scissors for "Cut" and then you've got "Copy" and "Paste," and then you can alter your text with these. If I just highlight the text, it got Bold, Italic, and Underline and you can see they change color when they're on and go back to normal when I turn off. Right here you've got your different fonts and right now, these are the fonts that are available. They'll probably add more as time goes on. You can change the text size right here. You can change the color of the text and then the highlight of the text. You can see its orange text with the black highlight now. And here is the hyperlink but I'm going to show you how to use that in another clip actually. You can create a numbered list just like--I'll just hit this, start typing, it's a number list. It's spaced twice to get out of that, bullets, exact same thing just with bullets. We've got indent less and indent more which basically works kinda like what your tab key would work like if you were on a document but it stays indented. You can see that. If I indent more, it's going to stay indented and then I can go back. And there's a little quote option which should bring it up in a little quote box like that. And then you can justify left, center or right. And then if you want to just remove formatting, you will just highlight and then hit this little T with an X on it to remove all the formatting of what you highlighted. So, that's the edit toolbar on a Google document and I'll go into more detail about how to hyperlink and then look at the style and changing in the following clips.


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