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Video Transcript

DREW NOAH: So, the first thing I'm going to show you in Google documents is I just want to show you how to get to it and just give you an overview of the interface. So, if you're signed in to your Gmail account, there's a link to Google documents right here at the top left, you can click that. You could also just navigate to So, this is it. This is what you'll see when you sign in to Google documents. And this page is basically where you can organize all your documents and kind of make broad changes to multiple documents at once. So, you see, up at the top, just like Gmail, you got links to other Google products and then you got your search and you can search all your documents or search the web. You should see your e-mail up here 'cause you're signed in. You've got some buttons right here, this is to create a new document or a folder, there's upload functions which I'll take about in another clip. The move in to a folder, here's the option to hide which means you can hide documents from your main viewer right here it'll go still exist but you shouldn't see them and you can delete, rename and more actions. I'm going to go into detail about all these things later. And then on the left here is kind of where you have your organizational things or different views basically so you can view by documents "created by me", "opened by me", "starred", et cetera. And then here are your folders and I'll show you how to make folders and how to organize that later. You can view just viewing by types so if I just click by this, I'm only going to see the documents. If I click right here, I'm only going to see spreadsheets. And so, whatever I click over here, I'm going to see in this window right here and like I said, I'll go into more detail on how to organize all these, I'm just trying to give you an overview of the interface. So, if you click on "All Items", I'll see everything I've created and then you can just see you've got all these right here, you got your name, folder sharing and then the date created. And there's got little icons that represent what's what, this is a--it says spreadsheet right there but it's actually mistitled. Let me actually should show you how to rename that real fast. This should be a presentation. And that's--the presentation is a lot like PowerPoint and I'll go into more detail later about that and then here's a little icon for spreadsheet and for a document. So, that's the kind of an overview of the interface and I'll be going into more detail about how to use this organizational part of Google Docs right here and then of course I'll go into detail about all the different documents you can create and what you can do with them. So, I'll do that in the following clips.


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