How to Change your Facebook Settings & Add Facebook to your Cell Phone

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Facebook is one of the most well known social media sites availale on the internet.the site has a huge fan following.millions of people from every corners of the world has account in facebook Facebook has become one of the fastest and the most popular mode to stay connected to friends and acquaintances on the web.However, there are many people who remain so busy that they can hardly sit in front of a computer or travel with a laptop.For them accessing Facebook from cellphone can be a quick and easy solution. In order to do so, person has to make some changes in their Facebook setting, after which they can be able to access Facebook through their mobile phones. Thus they can access Facebook in a quick and more efficient way.Learn how to change your Facebook settings and add Facebook to your cell phone in this free educational video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Melissa Schenk on behalf of Expert Village. Today we're discussing Facebook and how to use some of its features. In this segment let's talk about settings, actually being able to change some of your settings. We'll also have a look at notifications and adding Facebook to your mobile phone. Now you'll notice at the top of the screen it says settings, networks, notifications and mobile. I got here by clicking on networks and we were just joining a network as you can see that's the page we're on right now. To the left hand side, settings we've already done this too, settings is basically if you wanted to change your email address or your password. Let's click on notifications and see what that's all about. This is a very interesting page, email notifications. What's going to happen is the email address you've given Facebook, when something happens you're going to get an email to your address. So the ones I have checked off, there's a quiet of few checked off, but when someone adds me as a friend or writes on my wall or tags me in a photo or tags me in a note or wants me to join a group, all of these things when they are checked off, you're going to get an email notification to your email address that you've provided Facebook. So if you're at work you're going to get a heck of a lot of emails, the way to get out of this is to basically uncheck those and then hit save the changes at the bottom. Now if we go back to the top of the page here and we click on mobile, you'll notice that this is where you can actually use your cell phone. You can go to or you can upload various photos through Facebook, this is where you'll do it. You can even text mobile messages through this, but this is the page that you're going to want to put in your information so that you can do that at a later time. Now you may want to add Facebook to your mobile phone, take a few minutes, get that all done and then head onto the next clip and in that segment we'll be discussing the in box. It's very similar to the wall, just some slight modifications.


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