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Facebook is a popular social networking site on the Internet. It has several millions of users around the world. The site helps you stay in touch with your acquaintances and to also spend some time with them. Facebook has a number of features. The Facebook 'wall' is one of these features.through Facebook wall you can perform a number of tasks. You can post the messages you want your friends to know on your Facebook wall. Similarly, you can also write on their wall to send across a message. All your activities on Facebook, i.e. gaming, poking or updating profile are posted on your friends' wall so that they can stay informed about you. The Facebook wall can be used in more than one ways.The wall can be used to give information to your friends and at the same time gain information about them. You can also send gifts to your friends through the Facebook wall.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Melissa Schenk on behalf of Expert Village. Today we're talking about Facebook and how to use it. So in this clip let's now discuss the wall as part of your profile and giving gives to some of your friends. Now to get to your wall you have to be on the profile page so make sure you're on your profile page as I am here. What you'll notice on that profile page is something called a mini feed, that basically tells you a story of all the things you've been doing on Facebook. As you scroll down you'll find key elements like the information that you typed in and educational information, all that stuff that you typed in earlier on your profile. Finally then you come across the wall, here it is, what is the wall? It's basically an area to post notes and information to your friends and things that you want people to see or they can post things onto to your wall. So as you'll see here, I posted a note, Melissa Schenk wrote Expert Village rules, underneath that a fellow named Chris wrote me a note as well. Now what you will notice is underneath mine, it can say write on my wall or delete. Let's delete that, what we've just wrote and you'll see, are you sure you want to delete it? Yes we want to so let's delete post and it's gone, it takes you to the top of your page again, so we'll scroll down once again. Let's try that one more time, we can delete another wall post there, you can delete anything, if you don't like what someone wrote on your wall, you can delete it. But most people tend to leave everything there, key messages and things people wrote them to let other people see it as well. Something to keep in mind on the wall post is underneath as you'll see where Chris wrote a message here you can say, write on Chris' wall. If you click on his wall it's going to take you to his wall and you can write him a note as well. If we go back to that you'll notice it says message, now the message will take you to the in box, we'll discuss that in a later clip and we've already discuss delete. The final thing in this segment what we want to discuss is gift giving. A favorite element in Facebook is gift giving, as you can see we have a gift box here, so let's say you want to give a gift to one of your friends. You're going to hit give a gift, there are many gifts to choose from, many graphics, so once you've chosen a gift, then you want to choose your recipient. So here you're going to type in the name of your recipient, once you have some of your friends in there though, they will immediately pop up and you can select them, then you're going to add in a message to them and then we have to talk about the method of delivery. A public message or a public gift is going to be able to be seen by everyone. A private gift is going to be seen, the gift of the graphic would be seen but the message will not go on the wall post, it will go actually to their in box and you can also send an anonymous gift if you want as well and the pers


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