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CRAIG SCIME: Hay, I want to thank you for watching this segment on YouTube, on Expert Village. My name is Craig Scime from Clear Star Media. And I just want to wrap things up. Whether you'll have a camcorder and the ability to take the footage from your camcorder and get it on to your computer, or even a small digital camera with video feature, or like we showed you earlier, a simple web cam that you can plug with a USB port right in your camera, all those ways are great to get your footage onto YouTube. It's a great way to share with family. Let's say you're out of town and you want to show grandma, grandpa, mom, dad the different things that you area up to and what you're doing. Well, certainly post it on YouTube. And remember, if you don't want everybody to see it, go in and click that button to make it private. Now, let's say you want to make something longer. What do I mean when I say longer? Well, you gotta remember, clips on YouTube can only be 100 megabytes in file size and let's talk about those file sizes real big--real quick. You want it to be either in MP4, mpeg. It will take an AVI, but AVIs take up more file size, and it can also be an MOV, which is an Apple format or a WMV, which is the Windows Media Video. Anyone of those formats, YouTube will take, re-encode into a flash player. Now, the flash player's built right in, so as long as your computer has Flash, it's real easy. Just click and it plays instantly. Normally, when you had to go a web site years to go, you'd have to click and download the video based on one of those, Windows Media Player or the QuickTime Player. But now, it's real simple with YouTube, you just click that. And as I was getting to say about time, it can only be 109 minutes in length. However, YouTube does have a way around this. If you're going to be putting up your own content, not take stuff off TV shows, off the--and put trying to put it on TV, because that is not allowed, or showing anything that's nude, any nudity or anything of extreme violence. You can go ahead and--if you're a director, and sign up for a director channel, and that will allow you to showcase longer videos. It's gotta original content and it's a great way to show what you're really doing out in the real world. Maybe you're going to be the next Steven Spielberg. Well, sign up for that director and let us see your work. Thanks so much for taking the time to watch on Expert Village.


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