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How to use a webcam for YouTube; learn more about online video software in this free instructional video.

Part of the Video Series: How To Make a Video for YouTube
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Video Transcript

CRAIG SCIME: Hey it's Craig Scime from and today we are talking at Expert Village about YouTube, how to get on YouTube and how to navigate through it. The last segment we talked about how to edit your clip once you upload it. But let's say you don't have a digital camera or a camcorder and you really want to get something on YouTube. Well of course the easiest way is go to a friend that has one but let's say you can't find anybody and you want to get on there right now and you just want to have an idea or you want to just speak your mind or even do a little sack puppet show, whatever it is you can do it on YouTube but the really easy way to do it is get yourself one of these. It's a little webcam. Now some computers nowadays even have them built in, of course this is an older webcam that still works great for what I'm doing but the newer webcams have better quality and they have microphones built right in. You take one of these and YouTube has software built in which I'll show you in the next segment to be able to capture right from this webcam right on screen, you don't need anything else. These cameras cost under 20 bucks, you can certainly find them on different websites online or even go to one of your big box stores and one of big box electronic stores, they might charge you between 20 and 30 at most. But go and get one of these. Get one with a microphone built right in. And then the other thing you want to need is a little bit of a light of course we're shooting this here for Expert Village, we're lit and you can see me very clearly that's why on your video that you're watching me on right now looks great, the quality looks real good. Well that's important, you don't want to be doing it in a dark room. Even if it means getting a little desk lamp and aiming at you or aiming it at the ceiling and bouncing the light at you, whatever you can do to get a little bit of light in front of you will make your quality of your video that much better. And then of course be close--if you could get close to the camera or if you can wear a microphone that even will help to for audio. So in the next segment I'll actually show you how to connect your camera and of course get a quick video onto YouTube right away.


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