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How to edit videos for YouTube; learn more about online video software in this free instructional video.

Part of the Video Series: How To Make a Video for YouTube
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Video Transcript

CRAIG SCIME: Hey it's Craig Scime from Clearstarmedia.com and today we're speaking on Expert Village about YouTube. It's a great site to watch video and of course share your videos. Now in the last segment we talked about if you had one of these great little digital cameras, you can go ahead and put it in video mode, get some video, upload it to the site as we just did now, talk about that more in a minute. But the other thing of course if you have a home video camera and let's say your camera came with some USB ports or FireWire ports and maybe even a little editing software, that's a great way to take the video from your camera onto your computer and then of course what you want to do is render that video. What that means is you want to output it or render it to another file or even save as. It might be one of your features. You take your video clip let's say that's under 10 minutes and you render it as a windows media file or a movie file .MOV. Those are the two files most likely you want to use to upload even MPEG file or MP4 is another very popular format. What you'll do is you'll take that, render that file and it makes it usable for YouTube. Now remember it's got to be under a hundred megabytes. So our video is just about loaded, it says video uploaded, upload complete. Now what I can do is go to my videos and we can see here that this is my Paris Hilton video and we saw Paris Hilton in Beverly Hills one time and we got a little video of her. Now right here I can go in and you can see it put the title of the clip there, it says--I put what she's doing, coming out of a salon, and we can clip edit video info. Now these are the little thumbnails that come up. Now they may not come up right away when you upload a video, it might actually take a minute or two for them to figure out how to choose thumbnails. Now you can't pick which pictures it puts there, it automatically does for you, you just get to choose if you want it to be this one, this one or this one. I think this is the best one because you actually can see Paris Hilton. Then of course you can edit the title, description, tag and of course the tag again is the most important way that people can find you so put in information, some people even use the tag and put secret things in there like Britney Spears 'cause maybe her name is searched a lot lately even though it has nothing to do with Britney Spears they put that in the tag so it comes up. So you can certainly cheat by doing that. I'm going to click cancel because we have nothing else to do with that. And of course back to my videos that shows all the videos I have, I can simply click remove and it will get rid of it, I can click on the clip and it will play it for me or I have one other button here, I've two other one. I'll tell you about the remix video later but right now I have make channel icon. If I click make channel icon and then go to my account look it, this is now my picture for me, for my channel, my--again everything in YouTube is a channel. So my Craig Scime channel is now Paris Hilton's face.


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