How To Restore Your Spirit With Hypnosis

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Restoring your spirit with hypnosis could be your path to a healthier life, get expert tips and advice on healing yourself with hypnosis in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Heal Yourself with Hypnosis
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Video Transcript

in this segment I'm going to be discussing restoring your spirit. Feeling better about who you are is not just about undoing the negative, but truly restoring your spirit. It's about infusing positive qualities into you. It's about bringing and allowing more positive emotion to be in your life. These are easily done. Restoring your spirit is very very simple. Let's use a classic example. Take, for example, personal power. Now, we've all had our personal power taken away by other people for one reason and another. We've also given away our personal power. What if you could get all of that back through a simple method? So let's go ahead and, if you like, you can imagine alone with me. Imagine that you're standing in a beautiful place and five or six feet in front of you, you see your personal power. Remember, some of that personal power that other people took from you. Some of that is personal power that you voluntarily gave away. And some of that is personal power that is a gift to you today from the Universe. Now, walk over to your personal power because that belongs to you. You have always deserved to have that back. That is your personal power. And step inside of it, whatever it looks like to you, step inside and absorb it. Bring it into your person. Absorb it into your body and welcome it home. That is yours. And with your personal power back, you now again have the right to make fresh new decisions for your best and highest good. You have the right to say yes, the right to say no. No one outvotes you for you have your personal power back. It is easy to restore your spirit, whether it's for personal power, inner peace, oneness with the Universe, or confidence, calmness, self-respect, self-esteem. The list is endless. You can be upgraded. You can have your spirit restored for any positive state that you would like to have more of. And I'll tell you, let love be the biggest and the first. On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Michelle Beaudry. Thank you.


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