How To Heal Hurtful Words With Hypnosis

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Hypnosis is powerful tool to help heal yourself from hurtful words, get expert tips and advice on healing yourself with hypnosis in this free video.

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Video Transcript

This segment addresses the issue of words that have hurt you in the past. We've all had words that have hurt us one time or another in our lives, and you need to know that hypnosis can easily help you with this issue. Hypnosis does not erase anything in your past, but what hypnosis does so beautifully, it can upgrade how you feel about it. If there have been words in your past that have hurt you deeply, we cannot undo that they happened, but we can absolutely neutralize the pain and the impact of that hurt, and there are several ways to do this. The technique I would most like to discuss for this context of this segment is called guided imagery. This is where your friendly neighborhood hypnotist will guide you through images that will enable you to take your power back from words. For example, imagine that you had your own recording studio and inside that recording studio were audio cassettes. You know, those little audio cassettes of your life. What if those cassettes contained everything that has ever been said to you, about you, around you or by you? And what if you could select from those cassettes only the negative things that have been said? Then what we would do in guided imagery is have you find your very powerful magnet, and running it over those cassettes would have the effect of scrambling, of neutralizing the pain. Not erasing the words, but erasing the impact of the hurt. What this does, then, is enables you to feel powerful over those words, so that those words no longer hurt you. And with my clients, I take this guided imagery yet a step further. I ask them, would you like to destroy those negative tapes? They go sure, and I say find a way to do that that suits you. Me? I'm dramatic. I like to blow things up in the sun. But taking back your power from things that have hurt you in the past, to improve your spirit, to help you move forward on your path of personal growth, this is something hypnosis works beautifully for. Thank you for coming to visit. Thank you so much.


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