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Find out how to count in Japanese in this free video on Japanese language and travel.

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Video Transcript

YUU ASAKURA: We're going to learn how to count to up to a hundred thousand. Okay you see the coma right here, in Japan we put coma every four digits, in English every three but in Japanese it's ever four, the reason is in the counting system. We learned from 1 to 99 so we cover the last, these two digits. So when it's a hundred, a hundred in Japanese is hyaku okay so 100 is hyaku and it's the same rule as in ni-ju, san-ju. If it's 200 it's ni-hyaku, it's 500 it's go-hyaku yeah and it goes to--let's say if it's 511 go-hyaku-ju-ichi. You just keep putting the number according to the digits. And the same rule applies to a thousand, it's sen. So if it's just 1--1000, you don't just--you don't need one you go sen. If it's 2000, it's ni-sen. So if they say 200 sorry--2511 is ni-sen-go-hyaku-ju-ichi okay. And this in English will be 10000, right here it's next to a coma. So we have a little line right here, this one is man yeah so it's--again if it's one you don't count it, if it's two: ni-man, okay three: san-man and the same rule applies. So as in English thousand, it's the same rule. If it's 10 right here after the coma, it's ju-man yeah and if it's after--if it's 20 man it's ni-ju-man. So it goes on and on and on but for now just so we'll--please remember how to count up to a hundred thousand.


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