Practical Japanese Phrases for Hotels

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Learn how to learn some practical Japanese phrases for staying at a hotel and get expert tips and instruction on learning some Japanese phrases for traveling in this free foreign language video.

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Video Transcript

Here are two more particles that I wanted to introduce to you. Ok, actually "ni" and "de," they both indicate a place. Let's look at an example. "Watashi wa - the first one - somewhere-ni imasu." It says, "I'm at the hotel." You can use this one: Watashi wa hoteru ni imasu. "De" is actually a place where you have some sort of activity. It's not just that you are staying there. You are for sure that you are doing some sort of activity. For example, you're not just at the hotel, you are eating at the hotel. Watashi wa hoteru de tabete - means eating - imasu. I am eating. Right here. We're going to get to the verb part later, but I want you to know that there are two particles to indicate the place. And then usually "ni" is for staying, and the "de" is indicating the place of activity. So let's use "ni" for now and then let's practice. Ok, I'm going to call you and then tell me that you are at home. "Home" is "ie" - ie, ok? So, Anata wa doko desu ka? That's right. Watashi wa ie ni imasu. That's correct.


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