How to Collect Payments at a Bachelor Auction

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Collecting payments for bachelor auctions is essential if your going to make any money for the charity, learn how to organize a charity function to raise money in this free video.

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Video Transcript

This is key number 15; collecting the payments and connecting the bachelors to the highest bidder. Let's talk about collecting payments. First of all, that really comes down to two things. Knowing how much to collect, how much the highest bid actually was and then somehow collecting the payment by check or credit card, or perhaps even in cash. Now, generally you're only going to have 8-15 bachelors during a bachelor auction, so that means there's only 8-15 possible high bidders. In fact, there are sometimes high bidders who purchase more than more one date. That means you'll have even fewer people to process and check out. You can easily do this manually. I would suggest that you have a receipt that has your tax ID or your organization contact information on it with the bachelor's names already preprinted. Then you simply have to listen to the auction, fill in the amount that it's sold for and continue the processing from there. There are a couple of options for how to process that payment. You can record a bid number if you had bid numbers preassigned at the door and then follow up with that person later. Probably it's better to walk over to that high bidder, congratulate them and at least get a signature on the spot. You want to make sure that the right high bidder is being identified so that there's no confusion afterwards. Some groups would like to process credit card information or cash or checks right there during the auction, but I would suggest that that might distract a potential from checking out the next date or the next bachelor or auction and package that's available. I would just confirm that you have the right person and set up a table for after the auction that says pay here and that will allow you to take care of those transactions at that time. Now, once everyone has paid, then you want to connect your bachelor to the high bidder. So you might set up a little VIP reception and call them all to that place. Decide in advance, what the procedure will look like. Are you going to create nice neat themed packets? Is the bachelor getting the winning bidder's phone number? Or is the winning bidder getting the bachelor’s phone number? Remember, that you do have to be concerned about people's personal information and you do want to discrete. So think about which is the best method for your event. Finally, think about how you want to present that. This will be their lasting impression, so you may want to make it nice and formal standardized. Something preprinted or specially packaged in a gift bag. This will allow you to collect payments for your bachelor auctions and packages and also leave them with a nice lasting impression and a way to follow up for the date.


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