How to Reset Your iPod for Beginners

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Watch and learn from our expert how to reset your iPod, with a basic demonstration in this free electronics video on using an iPod for beginners.

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Video Transcript

These model iPods that I currently have in front of me are your current models of today. In most situations, you might come across a situation where your iPod with photo freezes or you can’t move on to the next track or something along that nature. The simple process to go through and reset the unit is as follows. What you want to do is you want to take a look at the hold switch at the top of your unit, verify that it’s white. You want to toggle it on so it’s red and off again so that your keys are active. What you’re going to do at that point is go through and hold in the menu key and hold in the actual select key. Holding these in for about 8-10 seconds should cause the screen on your iPod to go black and then come back up with an Apple display. The reset process actually takes about 20 seconds there about. What will happen is the iPod boots, the screen will turn back bright, and the iPod will some back to it’s regular main menu. Once the iPod comes back to it’s regular main menu, and one of the things that you want to be aware of is that any current song that you had been playing or any information that was stored has been taken out of it’s current memory. Your songs are still on the unit, but it’s regular flash memory has been cleared. Also, the actual volume on the actual iPod itself has been reset back to half way. This is rather convenient in situations where maybe your volume had locked or something along that nature. Also to know, your iPod nano functions exactly the same way and has the exact same procedure. Last but not least, your iPod shuffle. Your iPod shuffle doesn’t have as many issues along that nature with freezing along that nature. However, it still has a situation where you might need to reset it. In that case, what you’d want to do is switch it from it’s on position to it’s off position for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds have elapsed, switch it back to your playing position, and your iPod will come back green and ready to play. On behalf of, my name is Eric. Have a good day.


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