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Lunges work the leg muscles. This free video will show you how to do lunges while traveling.

Part of the Video Series: How to Exercise When Traveling
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Video Transcript

Hi I’m Manny Castro, exercise physiologist. This next exercise is called lunges. Now lunges are a difficult exercise and you can choose to either do it with or without the resistance tubing. I will show you both ways so that you have an idea on form and how to perform this particular exercise. With the resistance tubing and I am using the longest tubing and I am using the hand grips/attachments. Basically what I will do is just like in the squat except I am only stepping on one foot, one side of the tubing and what I will do is step back, leave my foot that is stepping on the tubing, step back and lunge down. As I come up, the tubing will offer more resistance. You will do one side at a time and then you will switch sides and repeat on that side. Again you will do about 15 repetitions and about 3 sets of each. Now there are couple of other varieties of this exercise and basically when you are not using the tubing you are not restricted to any particular type. If you wanted to do the same one that we just did with the tubing, all you would have to do is place your hands on your hips, one foot forward and then lunge. Now one thing to keep in mind when doing this exercise is you don’t want your knee from the foot that is in front to go over your toes. The way you do that and the way I like to think of doing it is the rear knee or the rear leg, that knee is going straight down so that you are not rocking forward this way, rocking back and forth. What you are doing is you are on your toe this way and your knee is going straight down. Basically the way you know you’ve got your form right is that your knees are about 90 degrees when you reach the bottom. Both knees, this knee from the leg in front and the knee in back. Now another variation if you would like to do it with a little more intensity, what you can do is alternating lunges. Basically the way this works is again hands on your hip and do the same thing but this time you are alternating legs.


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