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Pants, shorts, jackets, sweaters, what clothes do you take with you when packing for a trip. This free travel video will give you some tips and guidelines for selecting the best clothes for your trip.

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Video Transcript

Deciding which clothes to bring with you is a traveler’s worst nightmare you're working with a small amount of space. I saw a sign on my recent travel to Thailand it was hilarious and so true. It said everything you want to pack, all the clothes. Lay out all your clothes and you money and take half the clothes and twice the amount of money. That is so true. I like to double time. As a woman, do the bra top thing. If you can do that go for it. I say that saves that much space or use a swimsuit as a bra. During the day time, you can tour around in a little shirt like this. It can take you into night, add a necklace. Easy, coordinate. Just little things for night time sleeping. These kinds of pants. Nothings dry clean. You can throw them away if you feel like it. Don't bring anything you love so much if you're doing the backpack kind of travel. For suitcases, you have to get a little creative. Bring all your little bags. These little mesh bags are really convenient since you can see through them and know exactly what it's housing and also breathable. Especially if you've got wet swim suits or something. These kinds of pants. They're kind of geeky, but they really are convenient. They zip off and become your shorts, then you can roll them up. They're capris, has lots of pockets, it's convenient and dries really quickly. It depends on if you're going to a cold weather place or a hot place. If it's going to rain, if you're going to sweat. You just need to know and do your research before you go. This kind of jacket, kind of like a windbreaker, it's so good. It keeps you warm. You can layer underneath it. Layering. Dress like an onion, that is the key. If you going Amazon, bring your rain jacket. If you're going to be more in a city, this kind of material can wick away water and you kind of look a little bit buttoned up. I think that's a good deal. Now, let's talk about shoes.


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