How to Pick a Cabin on a Cruise Ship

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Picking the right cabin on your cruise ship will ensure that both you and your wallet will have a good time on vacation. Learn more about planning the perfect cruise vacation in this free video series.

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Video Transcript

In this segment is all about picking the cabin while booking your perfect cruise. There is a bunch of different kind of cabins out there and it is a good idea to know which one, what it entells in each one. Your first choice would be your inside cabin. An inside cabin is a cabin without a window or any sort of opening that is located normally towards the middle of the ship. If you would like to know what the inside of a cabin is like, simply go inside a room without any windows and turn the lights off. I'm never saying there is nothing wrong with it but there literally would not be any light in your room when your turn the lights off. It is a great economical way to travel, if you don't plan on spending that much time in that cabin, it will do just fine. The second type of cabin is your ocean view cabin. Your ocean view cabin on a lot of cruise ships will come with either port hole or a picture window. This will give you a nice view of the sea or whatever port that you happen to be at when you draw that curtain back. It is a pretty decent way to travel. Your next are the balcony state rooms. Those are your state rooms with a balcony attached to it. You can walk on the balcony and enjoy a cruise experience all by yourself and with your partners. You can have breakfast out there, you can have drinks out there, it is a lot of fun and I find a lot of honeymooners prefer that, that room. And last are the suites. Suites are basically a mini apartment on a cruise ship. They are great, they priced heavy, but the feedback that I have gotten are worth every penny. What we are going to do now is we are going to take a deck, that a look at a deck plan and show you what to look for with each room. Let's have a look here. I've got a deck plan here of a ship, here you have got your inside cabins, right here in the middle. And then you have your ocean view cabins. When you are looking a deck plans you want to make sure you read the keys and the legends to make sure you know exactly what you are getting. Alright, let's take a look, I want an ocean view. Alright there is a twelve signage here with an ocean view. There is a star by there let's see what that star means. Twin bed, twin queen and single convertible sofa, sounds good. Alright. The important thing what you want to look for especially with your ocean views is the obstructed view. There is nothing worst than walking into your cabin after booking an ocean view room and seeing a huge life boat in front of it blocking the view. I have seen a lot of cruise vacations get dampened by that and it is something you definitely want to research. And ask your cruise agent about when you are booking a room. It is important to know how to read the deck plans and to speak to your cruise specialist when deciding on which room to pick when you are going on your first cruise. Do that and you will be fine and you will be on your way to having a great vacation.


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