How To Do The Buddha's Revenge Yo-Yo Trick

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How to do the Buddha's Revenge trick with your Yo-Yo in this free yo-yo video.

Part of the Video Series: How To Do Advanced Yo-Yo Tricks
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Video Transcript

The next trick is called "Buddha's Revenge", Mc Bride's Rollercoaster that we touched on uses this mount it's called a one and a half mount. So if you didn't learn Mc Brides Rollercoaster I'll kind of walk you through it again real quick here. The one and a half mount is kind of a stalled double or nothing doesn't go the whole way around it comes one and a half times around and lands on that string underneath. If you didn't learn that yet practice it, just like so, comes underneath. I'm not going to focus on it too much, because I focused on it in the Mc Bride Rollercoaster video. So, watch that, slow down the video, look at it a couple of times and try to get this mount. If you didn't already, if you have it already great I'm going to show you the trick. "Buddha's Revenge" looks like this: it's a one and a half mount, comes over, go back, back, over, back, back, over. It's kind of a cool looking trick. It's really good to practice to get yourself consecutive hitting the string. When you?re all done with it you roll and dismount into a trapeze, which you just missed. So lets' try that again, looks like this: over, over, over, over o' hit into the string and catch just like so. So from a one and a half mount you actually swing the yoyo, the yoyo goes entirely over your right pointer finger and entirely over your left pointer finger as well. It goes over both. It swings all the way over and lands like this. It's the double string is going around this and is still hooked onto your throw hand right pointer. So let me show that motion again. What it is, a one and a half mount swing all the way over. The next step is you take your non-throw hand pointer and push into that string plant the yoyo into that string so it looks like that. And then once again go into a one and a half mount from here so your yoyo's going to land up onto the string ,so watch the move, something like that. And then you repeat, so you roll over, push into that string, plant it back into one and a half. Push over, and then to the string one and a half that's the entire trick itself. Let me put it all together for you so over land, land over land, land the dismount is the last part. You come out of a one and a half like that, you swing the yoyo up and you catch it on the string, on the bottom shoots up and you catch it on the string actually. It's a little harder than you think takes a little bit of practice. Just practice undoing it and guiding the yoyo in there. It's a really smooth way of getting out of a trick. And that's "Buddha?s Revenge."


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