How To Do The Mcbride Roller Coaster Yo-Yo Trick

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How to do the Mcbride Roller Coaster trick with your Yo-Yo in this free yo-yo video.

Part of the Video Series: How To Do Advanced Yo-Yo Tricks
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Video Transcript

Next trick I am going to teach you today, is called the McBride Roller Coaster. This was a trick that used to be on every string trick list, that we used to have a contest. It's not necessarily on those lists anymore when you go to a contest. But, it's still a good trick to learn. It's got some good elements to it. It's a good one to practice to get yourself consecutive hitting the string. Looks like this. The whole trick itself, starts like so. You put in. That's the McBride Roller Coaster. Let me break it down for you. First step starts with a break-a-way. But, instead of going right into a trapeze your actually doing sideways around the world. Some people call it a world tour. Looks like that. It's kind of a cool move. You can just do it even by itself, it looks good. And, what you do from that is another mount. This is something new that I haven't showed you yet. It's called a one and a half mount. What you do with it, how to get into it, it's kind of like a double or nothing move. Instead of going all the way around the double or nothing though, it's kind of like you stall half way through. It comes around and it comes close to your throw hand pointer finger and catches on the string like so. So, you can practice it by not quite going into a double or nothing and just swinging it up and under that string. You can even practice that by itself. Practice your world tour by itself. Then try to practice by bringing this over into your one and a half mount. It's going to be an important move. We use it again later in some other tricks. So, practice this. So, first step again is the world tour. Try that again, world tour. Comes into a one and a half mount. It's going to take practice getting into that. Work it out. From there, you dismount that. You dismount that again and you come back around. And, this is part that we learned in rewind where it comes around like so. Land on the string. Then from there, you come all the way off again and you come back around and land in the double or nothing. So, one more time for that part. From here, you come back around land it backwards. Something you learned from rewind. Instead of just going straight in to double or nothing, you go all the way back around into a real double or nothing. From here, you dismount double or nothing. Which you should already know. And, then the last step is you take your throw hand pointer and push it into the string like so. And, you swing the yo-yo to your left once and twice. It's going to land on one or two strings. Drop your throw hand pointer, dismount and that's the McBride Roller Coaster.


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