Over the Foot Diabolo Juggling Trick

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Learn the over the foot juggling trick with diabolo sticks in this free juggling video series.

Part of the Video Series: Introduction to Diabolo Juggling
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Video Transcript

We have a diabolo. Now with most juggling props you learn patterns, because you can learn a trick but then you are only doing it once, but you have to repeat the same trick over and over again and you have a pattern going. With the diabolo usually it is just tricks. You can have repetition of tricks, but it is just tricks. So what we are going to do… We are going to get the diabolo started. Now, I am actually doing an advanced start, which is called the whip, which we may learn later if we get time which I think we will. The basis of all diabolo tricks is the orbit which is very simply diabolo going up in the air in a circle. As you can see the left hand is pushing it up, let’s see if I can get that little better for you. Oh! Look things we learned in the first segment, okay. The left hand pushes the diabolo up, the right hand catches it. The right hand makes the diabolo go with the string. The left hand pushes the tricks. Now our very first and very simplest diabolo trick we are going to learn is called over the foot and remember earlier when I told you jugglers did not have much of imagination, we take our foot and we push it against the right hand string and we take our left hand string and we toss the diabolo over the foot. Foot against string, now we toss the diabolo over the foot and again it is based on the orbit. This is a very low orbit and we are using our right foot. The left hand pushes the diabolo over the foot and you catch the diabolo with the right hand stick on the string. And the natural momentum of the diabolo going in a circle takes it to the other side of the string so that you can toss it in the orbit around the foot. Now, what’s really funny keeping in mind that jugglers are not very bright, we are going to learn over the other foot. Are you ready? We take our other foot and push it on the string and using our left hand we push the diabolo over the top of the foot in its low orbit. Catching the diabolo with the string on the right, allowing the momentum of the diabolo to keep it going and now it is over the foot and over the other foot.


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