Over the Arm Trick for Diabolo Juggling

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Learn the over the arm juggling trick with diabolo sticks in this free juggling video series.

Part of the Video Series: Introduction to Diabolo Juggling
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Video Transcript

We are learning diabolo tricks. We are going to learn a trick, which is the predecessor of many hard tricks. It is called over the arm. It makes this trick particularly hard and I am going to do this without the diabolo spinning, but I need it on the string for the weight. This involves turning the arm inside. Did you see that? I am taking my stick and I am twisting it so that the arm goes inside the rope. The rope will be on the outside of the arm like this. See that? Right outside the bicep and it is still the same premise as the earlier diabolo tricks you have the learned with the orbit making it go over the top. So we start making the diabolo go really fast. Getting it straight so that it is centered in front of us or rather we are centered behind it, turning the arm inside. See that again. The sticks are parallel and you turn it inside and then tossing the diabolo over and catching it with the right hand string. This is called over the arm. Again, diabolo goes fast, turn the stick inside, putting your arm inside the string using the left arm to toss it over the right arm. That is over the arm. In the next segment, we are going to learn over the other arm rather than learning the two together because over the other arm is much different than over the arm.


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