Manipulating the Diabolo & Juggling

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Learn the basics of Diabolo juggling, how to start the diabolo and keep it going in this free juggling video series.

Part of the Video Series: Introduction to Diabolo Juggling
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Video Transcript

We are now in the diabolo series. In the very first section you learned what the diabolo is. Now we are going to learn how to get this thing started and how to keep it going. I am going to describe to you how to get it started and believe me the description of it lasts much longer than the actual motion. I am going to start with the diabolo on the right side, drag it to the left and then dragging on the floor gives it a spin in the correct direction then lift it in the air gently and jerk very fast with the right hand, which keeps the spin going. If you drag it from left to right and then try jerking with your right hand you are going to be counteracting the spin that you start and you are going to end up with a twisted mess. So here we are going to go. Start on the right, drag to the left, lift and jerk. Very quick. I will do it again. Start on the right, drag, lift and jerk. Nice fluid motion. That’s how to get the diabolo started. Now as you can see I am jerking with my right hand only. I am not moving my left hand. The left stick is moving just a little bit, but I keep my left hand as still as possible. If you move your left hand like you see some people doing this, this is actually counteracting the spin that you are putting on it with the right hand. Now as you can see the diabolo is turning a little. If you take the handle of your right stick and place it in front of the diabolo and just touch this front a little you will turn it, the front to the left. If your diabolo turns too far to left, then again you take your right handed stick and you touch it to the back and it will turn to the right. So now as a recap what we have. We have starting the diabolo, we have turning it to the left, we have turning it to the right and your goal to stand with the diabolo is to always be directly behind it. It will be perpendicular to your body. And that’s how you start the diabolo and that’s how you keep it going.


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