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Video Transcript

In this segment; employee training systems. We're going to look at 3 things here; school producing duplicatable systems, a key to franchising, and reports and client follow up. School producing duplicate systems. In order for you to have the same repetitive production of a product or service every time, it must be systemized. As an example, if you've got an automobile, you put the key in, it turns the battery over, it turns the engine over, the drive shaft and the wheels. If you don't have all of those systems tied together, you're not going to go anywhere. Same thing when you're franchising your business. You want to tie all of these systems together. By having the school for your employees whenever you need that school, and it should be on a regular basis depending on what your turnover is, then you develop to make sure they have the same training tools and are doing it exactly the same way every time. The question comes up, that sounds kind of cold to me. Is it? Well lets thinks about that. Have you ever been at a job where somebody did not tell you what to do? What was you comfort zone with that? Wanting to do the best job, but you really didn't know how. Wouldn't you have preferred to have known exactly what to do? Of course you would. That is the point of having a school within a business. Key to franchising is these systems tied together. They must be very, very detailed. Take your time at it. It will be worth it in the long run, because if you don't they're going to come back to bite you because you didn't have them in place and you're going to panicking trying to figure how to straighten it out very quickly. The reports and the client follow up. When you've serviced the client, in our case the maid service, we called back the next day and asked how did the team do. Here's a very important marketing tool. If they said they did a great job, one of the next few questions would be who do you know that might be able to use our service or product.


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