Offering the Position & Negotiating: Hiring a New Employee

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How to hire a new employee, and understand how to offer and negotiate job positions; get expert tips and advice on hiring practices in this free instructional video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Hire a New Employee
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Video Transcript

Hi! I’m Tina Buechler from Business Growth Training, I’m here today to talk about tips and techniques for hiring a new employee. In this clip I want to talk about offering the position to the applicant and negotiating to an agreement. Once you have determined that this person is the best applicant and so this is the person I want to offer the job to, then you need to contact that person and make the job offer. Before you actually make contact with that individual to make the job offer there’s some things you need to think about, the applicant will probably want to negotiate with you, they might want to negotiate on the number of hours worked, they might want to negotiate based on the actual starting rate, there’s some things you need to think about ahead of time based upon performance you know you might at three month you would be prepared to give a three month review and at a three month review you would be prepared to get this amount of dollar raise based on performance. So there’s lots of different things that you need to consider because from the applicants point of view they might want to get back to their previous salary, they might want some flexibility in terms of maybe not being on the benefit plan because they have a benefit plan with a spouse, there’s lots of different things that applicants look for within a job, you need to think about that ahead of time and determine what can you offer, what can you be flexible about and so when you call that applicant to make the job offer and the applicant then says, “I’m very interested but what I would like is” you have done some pre-thinking about that and know what it is you can be flexible about and what it is you cannot be flexible about. Again the goal is to setup an agreement that is mutually beneficial, beneficial for the applicant and beneficial for you and maybe upon negotiation the best applicant isn’t the best applicant because you cannot come up with the deal but you need to be prepared and think about that ahead of time so that when you call the applicant you have the ability to negotiate and to coming from a stand point of knowing what you have to offer and what you can offer.


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