How to Install a Hard Drive

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Is your computer's hard drive damaged or out of space? Learn how to install a computer hard drive on a desktop computer in this free computer and electronics video, with tips on computer care and maintenance for PC users.

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Video Transcript

In this clip I'm going to show you how to install a IDE and a sata hard drive. These are the two hard drives that we are going to be installing; IDE and sata. First thing you want to do when you open your case make sure you have available connections. Make sure that you have a available IDE connection like this and a available power for your IDE like this. Now for the sata, you want to make sure you have a sata connection just like this and for the power for the sata connection that looks like this. Now, before we go ahead and screw these hard drive in, let me show you how they are going to connect. First, the IDE I like to plug in the power first, which goes in like this. Then I like to plug in the IDE. Now if you look on the IDE cable, you have a red strip on the side of the cable That means pin one but you actually put the red strip towards that power on the hard drive like this. It makes it easier know which way the cable goes. Now on the sata drive as you could see here, connection goes here and plugs in like this. Now the power... lets see here this would reach plugs in like that. Now depending on your case design. you'll have different ways in putting in the hard drives. My particular case has a bed that is removable. So once you remove this securing screw here, the lever, this base slides out. Now make sure when you pull this out... I would put it on the table like this so I know which way my connection has to face. For IDE make sure your connections are facing this way cause you have to connect them in this way. So we place that in here and put the screws in. Same exact same for the sata drive. Make sure you get the other side. Slide the bed back in, put the screw on for the bed so it won't slide out and connect your connections.


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