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Learn how to play DVD's on the computer! Learn how to install a DVD drive on a desktop computer in this free computer and electronics video, with tips on computer care and maintenance for PC users.

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Video Transcript

In this clip I want to show you how to install a DVD drive. Okay so you bought a DVD hard drive now lets install it. No...bad! I'm going to show you the proper way to install it. Okay the first thing we need to do is depending on your case here, you are going to have these rails here and you could see on each side that I have already install. Now you could either find these on my particular case it came in a separate package that had the rails for the base on the front. Now some Dell machines and other manufactures, the rails are actually inside the PC already. So once you find those, lets open up the PC and get this installed. So depending on your case manufacture, you usually have two screws, latch, some are screw less. Lets go ahead and take off the side paneling here. That pretty much comes off like a door. Depending on your model each one would open up different. Now, what we want to look for here is we need to get to these base. Now ever case is different now some drives like to go in through the back, some sometimes the base swivel out, depends on your case. My particular model, this front panel here comes off and it goes in the front. So lets go ahead and let me turn this for you. Okay lets take the front panel off. Now, depending on your case model you might tabs on the side to release this front panel or on the top. I pretty much start at the top. This easily slides out and now I have tabs on the bottom. Just press them in either side and it comes loose. Now you could see I have a lot of open base here. Actually let me bring this front panel back now usually most of the time you have either one open or all of them cover now if you turn it around you would see that it simply just pressing in on the tabs to remove these. It depends if you have you could have two CD rom base. CD rom, a DVD it depends what you have but they simply just pop in and pop out.


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