How to Assemble a Computer

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In this free instructional video clip series, our expert will demonstrate how to clean your computer from beginning to end. Properly maintain your monitor, casings, keyboard, fan and more with these easy to follow clips.

Part of the Video Series: How to Clean a Computer
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Video Transcript

Since we are already done cleaning the PC next the last thing that you want to do now is put back all the stuff that we just took out. So over here I just put back the fan of the CPU over here so I'm just going to tighten up some screws right here and make sure that what ever stuff that you take out or whatever plug that you take out always remember or at lease mark it so you could put it back. Okay right here I'm putting back the cage for the hard drive. Just tighten the screws a little bit. Another screw goes underneath. Okay make sure that you remember the plugs. This is the plug for the fan of the hard drive which I'm going to plug it in back in. right over here we got the plug for the hard drive. Back here the power plug and this wire over here. Here we go. Okay and then last but not least the video card that we took out earlier. Make sure when you install the video card back make sure that it sits properly on the slot otherwise if it is loose you are not going to have any picture when you start up the PC. Then here is the power plug which I took out earlier. Plug it right back in and then you are done. All you got to do is slide this panel back in. like that make sure that it locks. Oh one more thing make sure that slots here goes in the slots over here but, it all depends on the case that you have on the PC. Slide it back in. screw the case. Screw the panel on here on the back side. Here we go and that is it there you have it.


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